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Why Precise?

Box Builds: Beyond the Board

Maximize efficiency and coherency by consolidating your product's fabrication. 

Texas-Based Manufacturing | Precise Connections, Inc.
Assembled in the USA | Precise Connections, Inc.

Often, clients will disperse their production process across multiple manufacturers. The board will be built in one facility, the enclosure at another, and so on. Wouldn't it be easier to have the same team working with each element of your product?

We can be your agent for ease and coherency. Consolidating production with us eliminates excess cost, ensures that each product phase maintains the same standard, reduces financial hassle, and provides flexibility—for schedule changes and redesign, you only have to communicate with one company. Precise is equipped to handle your product's fabrication from start to finish, prototype to packaging. We will review your product, guide you through the selection of both board level and custom, finished good components, and customize your production process for maximum efficiency. 


The most stressful aspect of production is managing a project's supply chain. In a market with high demand and low supply, managing the distributors and manufacturers ​that support your product is a lot of work! Let us manage your end-to-end supply chain, from board-level components to final packaging, so that your production process is as simple as submitting a purchase order and receiving product. We will  handle the tasks of communicating with vendors, managing scheduling, locating alternate components, and resolving manufacturer disputes. We can diffuse market issues before they ever reach your office, insulating your schedule and sales. Precise navigates the nuances of vendor relations and agreements so that you can focus on what's important: your product.


Production lines require adaptable facilities and labor forces to support inherent changes in schedule and demand. Clearing the space needed to house an assembly line (and related machinery) or store stock can be huge financial burdens. Our facility can become an extension of your business, providing a flexible production model while removing the need to constantly modify your labor and tooling models. As our partners, you won't have to worry about adding additional manufacturing space or infrastructure when your business grows. Using our facility and staffing provides the freedom you need to respond to the ups and downs of demand without extra expense and constant changes, keeping your expenses low and your business model streamlined and flexible.


A finished product encompasses numerous elements of material and procedural expertise. We have market connections with manufacturers in key industries such as power supplies, labeling and die cutting, packaging, enclosure and sheet metal modification, fasteners and adhesives, injection molding, powder coating, and more. Our insight can provide answers to design snafus that you don't even know exist! Solutions for functionality and design can be implemented and integrated in ways that actually reduce your cost and streamline your production. The earlier we can review your design and inform you of innovative products in each of these areas, the easier it will be to incorporate them. Let us walk you through these opportunities and help ensure that your company stays on an inside track by maintaining full awareness of cutting-edge products and design solutions.


Check out our Market Access and Personalized Support pages for more information.

Custom Box Builds | Precise Connections, Inc.
Custom Box Builds | Precise Connections, Inc.
Custom Box Builds | Precise Connections, Inc.
Custom Box Builds | Precise Connections, Inc.
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