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PCB Assembly

Today's electronics manufacturing environment is a changing landscape of new component types, shrinking package sizes, and an increasing number of board options.

Surface mount technology (SMT) minimizes costs and cycle time through an automated assembly process that reduces the size and weight of a product by up to 75%. Through the SMT process, Surface Mount Device (SMD) parts can be installed on both sides of the board, increasing functionality without increasing board size. This allows closer spacing between parts, meeting the demands of high speed or low impedance circuits. Additionally, surface mount component packages are generally less expensive than through hole (TH) counterparts.

Whether your board is SMT, TH, or even complex double-sided SMT-TH mixed technology, Precise has you covered. We also offer our customers both no-clean and aqueous clean processes in tin-lead and RoHS (lead-free) applications.

Precise utilizes flexible placement machines to navigate even the toughest requirements, such as BGA, uBGA, leadless devices, 0201, and 01005 components. Our SMT lines are capable of placing up to 45,000 parts per hour, and our reflow ovens have nine forced convection zones for precision profiling. Selective solder equipment extends cost-effective production for SMT/TH mixed technology, while wave solder equipment helps Precise offer efficient support for legacy PCB assembly.

Precise also supports a wide range of printed circuit board (PCB) options as well. Precise can support your needs for multilayer boards, using high temperature and RF materials, aluminum, rigid, rigid-flex, and flex designs, as well as specialty substrates for leading edge and IoT applications. We will partner with you to understand your needs and help find the best technology fit for your application.

Check out our About page for more information on our capabilities and specs.

PCB Assembly | Precise Connections, Inc.
PCB Assembly | Precise Connections, Inc.
PCB Assembly | Precise Connections, Inc.
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