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Why Precise?

Personalized Support

We treat your product like our own, so you can capitalize on

every opportunity.

Texas-Based Manufacturing | Precise Connections, Inc.
Assembled in the USA | Precise Connections, Inc.

After serving ​customers for more than three decades, we've learned which design

decisions consistently reap robust products. We'll alert you of creative options

that may not have come to mind during your initial brainstorming. We can help you

explore those creative options and work through implementation with minimal

redesign. We can also make you aware of new products that improve functionality

while reducing cost—for instance, new adhesives are being developed that are

exponentially stronger and cheaper than traditional hardware fasteners.

Replacing hardware with adhesives can significantly reduce your cost and lead

time, and even provide new features like waterproofing. Maybe it's just us, but

adding features while reducing cost seems like a smart business practice!


We can also identify elements of the assembly plan that could be tweaked for easier production, such as the optimal production phases for programming, testing, or surface bonding. Considering these elements will make builds, repairs and revisions easier to facilitate, helping your company grow more efficiently in the long-haul. 


Our team of friendly experts will look at each detail of your electrical design to ensure coherency, compatibility, and functionality. The specs, footprints, and functions of each component will be reviewed so that any errors or oversights are identified and corrected in the prototype phase. Any discrepancies will be studied and discussed so that you can take informed and confident correctional action.
We will also review your documentation and artwork for readability and specificity. We know what kind of information manufacturers and engineers need when reviewing artwork for quoting and production. Our reviews help ensure correct fabrication the first time, saving you time and money.


In an ever-changing market, even the best BOM (Bill Of Material) encounters routine issues with component availability. As components are placed on MFG allocation, or go EOL (End Of Life/discontinuation), options must be identified to keep production rolling. As these unavoidable component-related issues occur, we will work with suppliers to find solutions, keeping you informed and adaptable. We proactively locate alternative components, identify manufacturing changes that may impact your design, and find cheaper options for currently-used components. This information is presented to you in an understandable manner that keeps you aware and simplifies decision-making. That way, you can capitalize on every opportunity to increase profit, simplify design, and avoid shortages that hinder your competitors.


They say that any service has three exclusive spectrums—speed, quality, and price—and that as one spectrum becomes more favorable, the others regress. At Precise, "they" would be wrong.


We will help make your assembly process fast, effective, and affordable. Precise strives to make production efficient, minimizing your costs and maximizing your margin. As we review elements of your product such as electrical design and assembly plans, we can identify places where a slight change in a design, a reordering of steps, or use of a different product could shave off time and cost. Our team will walk through trade secrets—like avoidable pitfalls for product testing, or single products that can do the job of three others—that will help your product wow your customers.

Personalized Support | Precise Connections, Inc.
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