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Our Mission and Values

About | Precise Connections, Inc.

Our mission is to serve the manufacturing needs of our customers through innovative thinking, creative solutions, and a commitment to excellence.


People: My Neighbor is More Important Than Me


At Precise, we strive to maintain a family atmosphere where we can work diligently, yet also have fun together. Our history now exceeds three decades, and as you get to know our employees, you will find that several of them have been with us for many of those years. When we hire a new employee, we don't just fill a position, we hire a person who brings many qualities to the organization. We believe in hiring good workers who are also good people, not just qualified candidates. We believe that with good people, we can work together to achieve more, create a more enjoyable work environment, grow the company, and ultimately serve our customers better.

The very nature of what we do is serve. We don't just build circuit boards and ship products; we serve our customers' needs in whatever way we can, whenever we can. We desire to meet and exceed their expectations in the way that we relate to them, in the quality of the product we provide, and most importantly in our service. We believe that it is our service that distinguishes us from our competition, and it is the aspect of our company that we view as our foundation. Precise maintains five core values related to people:


People Matter

Service Above Self

Create Partners

Lead by Example

Live with Integrity


Processes: Doing Things Right and Doing the Right Things

In business today, there are many types of companies, philosophies and morals. At Precise, doing things right means more than just building something the correct way. It is striving for excellence. In addition, it involves treating each other, our vendors, our customers, our shareholders, and our neighbors in a way that brings honor to them and that places them in a position of importance above ourselves. Doing the right things means that we strive to eliminate waste and tasks that do not create value. It also means that we choose not to do certain things that could be harmful to others or our reputation. This is more than just a way to work. It is also a way to live, and it is the guiding principal that we use in our daily choices. We embrace these concepts with a positive attitude, striving to create valuable solutions for our customers. Precise maintains five core values related to our processes:

"Can Do"

Affordable Quality

Unbeatable Response

Pursue Excellence

Creative Thinking

Our Values | Precise Connections, Inc.
Our Values | Precise Connections, Inc.
Our Values | Precise Connections, Inc.
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