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Design Consultation

Precise Connections offers a way to assess your product design for ease of manufacturing in order to help increase quality and reduce cost. Our design review capabilities ensure that parts both assemble quickly and easily, with proper clearances and tolerances, and that they are designed for efficient assembly. Design for Manufacturing contributes to our customers' competitive success by matching product demands to our manufacturing capabilities.

Design for Manufacturing (DFM) is a method used to determine how to simpilify your current or future product design and/or manufacturing process to achieve cost savings. DFM review allows for improved supply chain cost management, product quality and manufacturing, and communication between Design, Manufacturing, Purchasing and Management. It accounts for different product manufacturing paths, which include alternate design, materials, and/or processes, and their respective impacts on production costs and product quality. Taking measures to consider as many aspects of a product's design requirements as early as possible during the product development phase can help save time and money. Reducing cost and cycle time, while maintaining or improving the quality and serviceability of a product, is the central theme of Precise Connections' DFM solution.

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