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Why Precise?

Texas-Based Manufacturing

Leverage the benefits of a pro-business state with low costs and rapid shipping.

Texas-Based Manufacturing | Precise Connections, Inc.
Assembled in the USA | Precise Connections, Inc.

Texas has always been friendly to businesses. Our legacy is one of "grit"—we do what it takes to get the job done, and work to empower movers and shakers to innovate and push boundaries. There are numerous financial benefits for sourcing your manufacturing and procuring through Texas. Alleviated tax burdens make assembling here more cost-effective and easier to orchestrate. Texas is also recognized as consistently having a U.S. leading infrastructure, which bolsters your growth by expediting services like shipping, procuring international goods and components, and more. In short, Texas is an environment that is designed to help you thrive as a business.


Texas—and particularly Dallas—are advantageously located for staggeringly fast shipping times. Dallas is within two hours of Texas' two major international ports (Houston and Dallas) and boasts the world-class DFW International Airport, enabling easy access to components made and stocked overseas when American suppliers fall through. Texas is also equidistant from the East and West coasts, making ground shipping a timely endeavor that keeps costs low. There are also local UPS and FedEx hubs, enabling easy pickup and delivery. When time counts, Texas' key location and unique distribution facilities make it the logical choice for your manufacturing needs.


Because of these huge benefits, countless manufacturers and distributors have chosen Texas as the site for their factories, corporate offices, and headquarters. Arrow, Avnet, Future and TTI are among the electronics distributors with major offices in DFW. Mouser is also down the street from Precise's facility, enabling immediate material pickup when parts are needed for same-day projects. These nearby locations also make face-to-face meetings with engineers and suppliers fast and affordable.

Precise also has strategic partnerships with custom part manufacturers in Texas such as injection molders, board houses, sheet metal fabricators, labeling companies, print houses, and more. All of these factors make fast turnaround time the affordable norm.

Texas-Based Manufacturing | Precise Connections, Inc.
Texas-Based Manufacturing | Precise Connections, Inc.
Texas-Based Manufacturing | Precise Connections, Inc.
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